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The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage
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  1. Приключения Петушка и Курочки: The Adventures of Chanticleer and Partlet
  2. Ашпутел: Ashputtel
  3. Огниво: The Blue Light
  4. Бременские музыканты: The Bremen Town Musicians
  5. Кошачью шкура: Cat-Skin
  6. Вишня, или Невеста-лягушка: Cherry, or the Frog Bride
  7. Умная Эльза: Clever Elsa
  8. Вороны и Солдат: The Crows and the Soldier
  9. Собака и Воробей: The Dog and the Sparrow
  10. Эльфовая роща: The Elfin-Grove
  11. Эльфы и Сапожник: The Elves and the Shoemaker
  12. Правдивый Джон: Faithful John
  13. Рыбак и его Жена: The Fisherman and His Wife
  14. Пять слуг: The Five Servants
  15. Спасенная птица: Foundlingbird
  16. Четыре умных братца: The Four Clever Brothers
  17. Лиса и Лошадь: The Fox and the Horse
  18. Фредерик и Катерина: Frederick and Catherine
  19. Лягушка-принцесса: The Frog-Prince
  20. Молодой великан и Партняжка: The Young Giant and the Tailor
  1. Великан и Три Золотых Волоска: The Giant with the Three Golden Hairs
  2. Золотая птица: The Golden Bird
  3. Золотой гусь: The Golden Goose
  4. Девочка-гусыня: The Goose Girl
  5. Благодарные звери: The Grateful Beasts
  6. Король Гризли (медведь): King Grisley-Beard
  7. Хансел и Грета: Hansel and Grettel
  8. Удача Ганса: Hans in Luck
  9. Ганс и его жена Грета: Hans and His Wife Grettel
  10. Журиндел и Журинда: Jorinda and Jorindel
  11. Можжевельник: The Juniper Tree
  12. Король золотой горы: The King of the Golden Mountain
  13. Девушка и Лев: The Lady and the Lion
  14. Мать Холи: Mother Holle
  15. Мышка, Птичка и Сосиска: The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage
  16. Нос: The Nose
  17. Пожилой Султан: Old Sultan
  18. Соображалкин: Pee-Wit
  19. Питер и стадо овец: Peter the Goatherd
  20. Королева-пчела: The Queen Bee
  1. Грабитель-жених: The Robber-Bridegroom
  2. Роланд и Майская Птица: Roland and May-Bird
  3. Розовый Бутон: Rose-Bud
  4. Малютка: Rumpel-Stilts-Kin
  5. Винегрет: The Salad
  6. Семь Воронов: The Seven Ravens
  7. Снегопад: Snow-Drop
  8. Любимый Роланд: Sweetheart Roland
  9. Три детских удачи: The Three Children of Fortune
  10. Три языка: The Three Languages
  11. Том - Большой Палец: Tom Thumb
  12. Том-Синица и Медведь: The Tom-Tit And The Bear
  13. Путешествующие Музыканты: The Travelling Musicians
  14. Репка: The Turnip
  15. Двенадцать Танцующих Принцесс: The Twelve Dancing Princesses
  16. Храбрый Портняжка: The Valiant Tailor
  17. Живая Вода: The Water of Life
  18. Белая Змея: The White Snake
  19. Чудесный Музыкант: The Wonderful Musician
Пауза, если потрогать мышкой

ONCE upon a time a mouse, a bird, and a sausage took it into their heads to keep house together : and to be sure they managed to live for a long time very comfortably and happily; and beside that added a great deal to their store, so as to become very rich.

It was the bird's business to fly every day into the forest and bring wood; the mouse had to carry the water, to make the fire, and lay the cloth for dinner; but the sausage was cook to the household.

He who is too well off often begins to be lazy and to long for something fresh.

Now it happened one day that our bird met with one of his friends, to whom he boasted greatly of his good plight.

But the other bird laughed at him for a poor fool, who worked hard, whilst the two at home had an easy job of it: for when the mouse had made her fire and fetched the water, she went and laid down in her own little room till she was called to lay the cloth; and the sausage sat by the pot, and had nothing to do but to see that the food was well cooked; and when it was meal time, had only to butter, salt, and get it ready to eat, which it could do in a minute.

The bird flew borne, and having laid his burden on the ground, they all sat down to table, and after they had made their meal slept soundly until the next morning.

Could any life be more glorious than this?

The next day the bird, who had been told what to do by his friend, would not go into the forest, saying, he had waited on them, and been made a fool of long enough; they should change about, and take their turns at the work.

Although the mouse and the sausage begged hard that things might go on as they were, the bird carried the day.

So they cast lots, and the lot fell upon the sausage to fetch wood, while the mouse was to be cook, and the bird was to bring the water.

What happened by thus taking people from their proper work?

The sausage set out towards the wood, the little bird made a fire, the mouse set on the pot, and only waited for the sausage to come home and bring wood for the next day.

But the sausage kept away so long that they both thought something must have happened to him, and the bird flew out a little way to look out for him; but not far off he found a dog in the road, who said be had met with a poor little sausage, and taking him for fair prey, had laid hold of him and knocked him down.

The bird made a charge against the dog of open robbery and murder; but words were of no use, for the dog said, he found the sausage out of its proper work, and under false colours; and so be was taken for a spy and lost his life.

The little bird took up the wood very sorrowfully, and went home and told what he had seen and beard.

The mouse and he were very much grieved, but agreed to do their best and keep together.

The little bird undertook to spread the table, and the mouse got ready the dinner; but when she went to dish it up, she fell into the pot and was drowned.

When the bird came into the kitchen and wanted the dinner to put upon the table, no cook was to be seen; so he threw the wood about here, there, and every where, and called and sought on all sides, but still could not find the cook.

Meantime the fire fell upon the wood and set it on fire; the bird hastened away to get water, but his bucket fell into the well, and he after it; and so ends the story of this clever family.

The End.

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