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The Golden Boat
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  1. The Angel and the Princess ----»»»
  2. The Arrival of the Demon ----»»»
  3. Conclusion ----»»»
  4. The Court on the Brockenberg ----»»»
  5. The Universal Deluge ----»»»
  6. The Flight of the Princess ----»»»
  7. The Golden Boat ----»»»
  8. The Hurricane Pursues the Princess ----»»»
  9. The Princess Learns Humility ----»»»
  10. The Progress of Civilization ----»»»
  11. The Progress of Civilization continued ----»»»
  12. The Princess Finds Shelter in the Forest ----»»»
Пауза, если потрогать мышкой

LITTLE Ilsee's heart beat fast as she heard all these fine promises.

But when the dark man, half opening his mantle, drew forth a’ large golden basin, in the form of a little boat, with the outside beautifully carved, and adorned with precious stones, and.

when presenting this basin to the "gracious Princess," he invited her to seat herself within it, that he might bear her away to his beautiful Brockenberg, where countless servants were already preparing splendid fetes for her reception, — all the doubts and scruples of her little Highness vanished.

In her joy, she jumped so eagerly into the golden basin, with both feet at once, that the water spurted up to a great height.

Ilsee was ready to laugh, but the laugh died away on her lips, for two drops of water had fallen on the dark man's hand, and the little Princess noticed that they dried up with a hissing sound, as if they had fallen on red-hot iron; and at the same moment, she felt so poignant a dread within the depths of her heart, that her very limbs trembled.

Quite overcome with fright, the poor child clung to the edge of the boat, as if ready to jump out again, and escape as fast as she could, but one look from the dark man rendered her motionless, and seizing the basin in his powerful grasp, he ordered the Hurricane to blow before them, in order that Ilsee might not fear being carried away by it.

Rapidly as an arrow he then darted forth, cleaving his way through the air.

Her grief was of short duration, and the little stream soon became calm, and allowed herself to be carried away quite quietly.

She never for a moment suspected that in entering the golden boat she had yielded herself up to the power of the Demon who had presented it.

She was, however, uneasy when she heard the strange whistling sound produced by their irregular passage through the dark night air, and when the violence of their movements made the basin oscillate, she lay down tremblingly at the bottom of her golden basin, and then carefully gathered her garments around her, lest they should come in contact with the dark man.

The darkness began to diminish, and the moon had already then when they at last arrived at the mountain of the Brocken.

They were received by dense crowds of singular-looking beings, who, to do them honour, made the air resound again, with frantic cries of joy, hurrahs, and whistlings.

But the lord of the Brocken commanded silence by a gesture, and placing the golden basin containing little Ilsee on a large block of stone somewhat resembling a throne, he invited his joyous vassals to form a circle around, and present their homage to her as "Princess of the Waters."

This was a delightful moment for little Ilsee, who felt herself at last in her proper sphere.

She drew herself up proudly, rose with grace and dignity from the golden basin, and politely saluted on every side, bending her little head in a bewitching manner.

On seeing her, a loud cry of surprise and admiration burst forth: "How lovely she is!"

cried all the spectators; "Long live Ilsee our Queen!"

This certainly was not a situation conducive to humility, for a little princess, who had moreover the Demon of Pride in her head.

Sweet notes of enchanting music were now heard, and Ilsee, quite beside herself, began dancing gracefully, making her sparkling form rise and fall with infinite taste in the brilliant basin; sometimes raising, sometimes lowering her little curly head, she shook the limpid drops from her hair, which fell back into the basin like a shower of pearls.

The gentle moon, never inclined to examine too rigorously what passes here below (and shining indifferently on the bad as, well as the good), could not resist placing a sparkling little crown of silver stars round the head of this boastful child; and when the charming little Ilsee raised her eyes towards her with a grateful smile, the moon was so pleased that she bespangled her whole garments with her silvery sheen.

The End.

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