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The Arrival of the Demon
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  1. The Angel and the Princess ----»»»
  2. The Arrival of the Demon ----»»»
  3. Conclusion ----»»»
  4. The Court on the Brockenberg ----»»»
  5. The Universal Deluge ----»»»
  6. The Flight of the Princess ----»»»
  7. The Golden Boat ----»»»
  8. The Hurricane Pursues the Princess ----»»»
  9. The Princess Learns Humility ----»»»
  10. The Progress of Civilization ----»»»
  11. The Progress of Civilization continued ----»»»
  12. The Princess Finds Shelter in the Forest ----»»»
Пауза, если потрогать мышкой

No sooner did Ilsee find herself left alone on the summit of the Alp, than she wished to enjoy some of the honours due to her rank.

She therefore quitted her grotto, placed herself upon a projection of rock, and allowing the wide folds of her silvery robe to float in the breeze, waited thus, expecting that other mountain-peaks would bow down before her, and the clouds hasten to kiss her little feet.

But nothing of the kind occurred, in spite of all the airs her little Highness gave herself.

At last, tired out with sitting still so long, she began to feel terribly sad, and said softly to herself, with a heavily drawn sigh, "I could willingly endure a moderate share of weariness, since such is one of the penalties attendant upon my rank, but really too much even for a princess has fallen to my lot."

The sun had set and night had come on, when the Hurricane once more announced his approach, by a dull and distant moaning, which filled the heart of the poor little stream with bitter anguish, and drew scalding tears from her eyes.

Whatever satisfaction her previous firmness in refusing to follow the Angel might have afforded hers it was not sufficient to enable her to overcome her dread of the Hurricane.

The sky gradually grew blacker, heavy vapours arose from the depths of the abyss, a dull sound closely resembling distant peals of thunder re-echoed among the deep gorges of the mountains, and poor little Ilsee was ready to die from fright.

She could scarcely breathe in the heavy and sulphurous air which suddenly blew in her face.

All at once, behold! a ray of light, though a very pale one, pierced through the dark night; the poor little frightened stream raised her eyes and perceived a large gloomy-looking man standing before her; he was wrapped in a great red mantle, and made a low bow to the little princess, whom he accosted as "Most gracious Princess."

Such a salutation was like sweet music to the ears of Ilsee; - so, conquering the fear which this strange and sinister-looking figure aroused within her, she eagerly listened to the seductive words in which he further addressed her.

The dark man continued, "I live in.

this neighbourhood, hidden from sight behind these rocks, I overheard your conversation with the Angel, and I witnessed with pleasure the manner in which you dismissed him.

I really cannot understand how any one could wish so adorable a princess to descend into the plain, and thus bury so many exquisite charms and graces in the obscurity of a valley."

He afterwards described in the most glowing terms, the brilliant future that awaited her, if she would but commit herself to his care.

"I have," said he, "a delightful summer palace, situated on one of the highest and most beautiful of the German mountains, and it is there that I wish to conduct you.

In that charming abode you will be surrounded by a brilliant court, and all the splendour and eclat suited to your high rank.

You will there be enthroned in the midst of joy and pleasures far above all those assigned to the large and small waters of the earth."

The End.

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